Our Annual Review 2019

                                           Key Points

•    Demand for affordable accommodation highest ever

•    Over 60,000 people applied to become property guardians, double previous year 

•    More than 600,000 residential and commercial buildings lie empty in the UK

•    The private rental sector UK average monthly rent reaches £967, in London £1,694

•    Property Guardians monthly license fees average £600, ranging from £190 in Darlington, to             £1200 in Portobello Road

•    Local authorities and property owners spend £100 millions to secure and repair vacant

     buildings, targeted by vandals, arsonists and squatters

•    Regulations designed for short-term assured tenancies are being inconsistently and

     inappropriately applied to the guardian sector, restricting empty properties being put to good use

•    PGPA members add affordable co-working spaces to their remit, with premises available from

     £150 monthly licence fees.