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Property guardians reveal their personal stories on how they saved to buy their own home, build their business or can live in the city – and still afford a social life


Poppy – Being a Guardian led to home ownership


Poppy is a 29 year old woman who, after becoming a Property Guardian, was able to save enough money to get onto the property ladder and put a deposit down on her current home in London. Poppy spent her first year post-university living with her parents, until she needed to move out and find a place of her own. She began her search for a property to rent, but ultimately found the rental market out of her budget range. Having only worked a part-time job while trying to get her career off the ground, she concluded that she simply couldn’t afford to rent privately. She began her search for other options, and that is when she came across property guardianship.


“When I went in search of other living options, Ad Hoc appeared in the internet search. They had a listing for a bedroom in an old newspaper building and it was only £250 pcm, which is very attractive to anyone looking for affordable housing,” said former Property Guardian, Poppy.


Before saving enough money for a deposit on her own home, Poppy was a Guardian for four years, in Yeovil, Somerset, then Forest Hill and Camberwell in London. She lived in a range of interesting properties, ranging from a 1930s nursing home to a cottage in the grounds of a park.


Poppy’s time as a Guardian has paid off. She has saved enough money in her four years as a Property Guardian to buy her first home in London.


Poppy continues, “Guardianship really is great. It is perfect for many types of people, whether you’re the creative type who works from home, or someone who simply can’t afford private renting. I have met some amazing people along the way, many of whom I am still in contact with now. Guardianship has been a real eye-opener when I compare my experience of living in some of the beautiful places that I have with Ad Hoc, to those that are rented privately. I feel like I am very lucky to have experienced living as a Guardian for four years. It always makes for good stories.”



Andy’s story -  a rural setting with easy access to Newcastle city centre, and with space to store his work

Andy is a 54 year old male who began his guardian experience after he decided to make a move to a new area. He has since lived in a property which has been transformed into shared accommodation for guardians. The property is one of three bungalows just outside the town centre and is in a lovely setting close to the river, surrounded by trees. There is also a lot of resident wildlife nearby, including a badger.


“When I was shown around the site it was very appealing. It is situated in a rural location, but still has easy access to the town centre. Initially I was a little wary about sharing a space with others, but everyone is really respectful and easy to get on with. The fact that I can come home after work and have a chat with one of the other residents is lovely, yet we don't crowd each other’s space. There's very little to dislike about being a property guardian to be honest,” said Andy.


As a skilled craftsman and teacher of leatherworks, living as a guardian has been great for Andy as it has allowed him extra space to store some of his work. On top of his work as a craftsman and teacher, Andy also works for the local Methodist Church and has been commissioned to write a book.


One of the biggest benefits we often hear from people about property guardianship is how affordable the properties are and how much money you can save. Property guardianship not only allows people the chance to save money, but you can do so while living in interesting and quirky properties all over the country.


Andy continues: “The fact that the room price was such good value made it very attractive. The property is a great value and has allowed me to consolidate my finances and have the time and space to consider what it is that I want to do next. I have no plans to move on soon though! I would wholeheartedly recommend property guardianship. It continues to be a great experience for me.”


Tidus – recommends property guardianship for people coming out of the military


Tidus is a 29 year old male who is an ex-forces member and former property guardian. After coming out of the military Tidus went on the search for affordable housing, but with home prices constantly on the rise across the UK, he was unable to find something suitable in the private rental market.


Eventually he came across inexpensive properties available as a property guardian.


“Being a guardian allowed me access to a city, which until then, I simply couldn’t afford to live in. I have also been able to save progressively over time due to the low cost” said Tidus. For a year and a half Tidus resided in Bristol where he was able to save money while still being able to enjoy a social life. The building he resided in had 10 others living in it, all of whom were great to be around, making the experience all the more better.

Tidus continues: “I would recommend property guardianship to someone coming out of the military as it is really beneficial for things such as finances. Being able to save money to get into the private rental market is one of the biggest benefits.”

PGPA would like to thank Ad Hoc Property Management, one of its founding members, for the guardians stories and images

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