Latest News about the Virus Crisis

PGPA confirm with Government guardians can claim benefits                                                                                                24/03/20

Following discussions with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, they have confirmed with the Department of Work and Pensions, in a direct communication with the PGPA, that Property Guardian license agreements will have the same status as valid tenancy arrangements for the purposes of receiving housing costs support in Universal Credit. This follows the PGPA members decision to waive the principle that people claiming benefits cannot be guardians for people who are currently in guardianship programmes but subsequently lose their income through the coronavirus crisis. This recognises that license agreements and fees are neither tenancy agreements or rents, and so required a widening of the scope of the emergency measures to support guardians.   

Government recommend guardian companies follow PGPA members' lead                                                                  23/03/20   

"We have held discussions with the Property Guardians Providers Association and understand that they are following the same guidance for their Property Guardians. We will be encouraging other companies to follow this positive and responsible example and not evict people who are facing financial hardship because of COVID 19"   

                                              Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government

PGPA Members offer available space for health workers and others 

Members have highlighted to the government that they have spaces available that could be used for health workers and other key workers - for example,  20 spaces a few minutes walk from the Royal Free Hospital, North London, 25 two bed flats by Mill Hill East Tube station, 400 bed accommodation in Birmingham.