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Mental Health Tips - many people have suffered both during the pandemic, and since with the cost-of-living crisis. We have often heard that it was as much a mental health pandemic as a physical health crisis.


Post-pandemic, there are many free online keep-fit resources, from Joe Wick's excellent Body Coach series on YouTube​ through to Lisa Hawkins at FitnessHub21 - brilliantly 'militant' in the demands she makes of you, but she tempers that by also giving a wealth of motivational tips and great recipes!

However - much less publicised (but many would argue equally important if not more so) are resources for keeping mentally well also. Here the Open University have a great tips and resources page that will help keep you from being brought down from the grim crisis of Covid. from dealing with digital-related stress, through to taking a journey on well being. 


PGPA Members receive exclusive Primary Authority advice on how to meet and maintain safety regulations within government guidelines

Safety and fire legislation and responsibilities were not relaxed duirng the crisis. PGPA member companies received extensive and exclusive advice on safety measures that fit the need to contain risk with the health requirements around COVID 19 and now, post-pandemic. Our members have also been in discussions with guardians, and so, where possible, weekly inspections have been changed to fortnightly, or monthly.   

From the pandemic archives: 

PGPA member VPS Guardians has  worked with Warwickshire Council and the NHS to help convert part of a property guardian site into a testing centre during the crisis. The Pears Centre has been secured by guardians since it was closed, awaiting redevelopment for new use.

The three organisations have worked together to review a risk assessment and create a secure access with distance between the area the guardians occupy and the testing facility, set up in what was formally a car park. VPS then discussed the facility with the guardians and gave them the option to move, but all were happy to stay.

Nick Ferrari on LBC referred to the test facility last week on his radio show.

All PGPA's members have been in direct contact with LA's or the NHS to offer properties that could be of help.

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