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Current Members of the PGPA

Safety First: The Law on Property Guardians

Read this White Paper written by leading UK housing barristers and lawyer, commissioned and published by the PGPA 

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The Law on Property Guardianship Cover P

There are three property guardian providers that have formed the PGPA to promote standards and safety within the sector. 


Take a look at their website sites here:

Ad Hoc

Live-in Guardians

VPS Guardian Services


Guardian Redress Scheme
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Transparency of Fees

The PGPA Redress Scheme can only be accessed when all complaint processes/procedures, specific to the provider, have been fully exhausted. CLICK HERE

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PGPA member organisations must provide property guardians with the following information before their licence starts:


  • Any administration, sign-up, registration or holding fees, plus which are refundable and under what conditions

  • The monthly licence fee (dependent on location and size of room)

  • Any Security Payment, and the process and scheduling for its repayment at the end of a licence agreement

  • Any Utilities, Council Tax or other bills that the guardians will be responsible for

  • Where they are responsible for such bills, it is guardians’ responsibility to set up and pay for the utilities (gas, electric, water) and council tax for where they are living

  • In some properties bills are included – these will be specified on the available property details

  • Any termination fees

Security Payment Protection



PGPA members must use a designated general Guardian bank account that ring-fences guardian Security Payments.


A general Guardian bank account is a bank or building society account set up in the name of the PGPA member firm but with the word 'Guardian’ in its title. It usually holds money of several Guardians and is specially created for the purpose of holding Guardian money on trust for the Guardian whilst the money remains in the account.



Members must prove this is the case by arranging for a letter from their bank to be kept on record by the PGPA confirming that a Guardian designated account is active and that transactions are regularly processed. This letter must be renewed as part of the annual PGPA Benchmark Audit.

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